2.2 Key Design Criteria

The current version of FlowCast has been totally reengineered from the earlier versions, with the new design based on those past experiences and from studying the other available software. Several key design criteria have been recognized and addressed during this journey including:

  • Encapsulate the stratification and discriminant analysis algorithms into a standalone , easy to use, and easy to maintain software product;
  • Encapsulate hindcast-based skill testing algorithms;
  • Provide both spatial and temporal forecast generation and assessment capabilities;
  • Input any type of monthly predictor data;
  • Input any type of daily or monthly predictand data;
  • Directly compare results from different predictands, predictors, rule-sets, and output types;
  • Develop a simple graphical user interface tool for adjusting predictor and predictand periods;
  • Provide detailed reporting of results including textural, chart, and GIS based outputs; and
  • Develop a simple graphical user interface using state of the art software engineering practices.

The following sections describes in detail, how these criteria have been addressed in developing the mathematical and software engineering components of this research.