FlowCast: Software for the generation and analysis of empirically based seasonal climate forecasts.


Keywords: Seasonal climate forecasting; decision support system; El Nino southern oscillation; Software development

FlowCast Screenshot


FlowCast is a decision support software application developed to generate and evaluate empirically based probabilistic seasonal climate outlooks for any type of meteorological, hydrological and agronomic variables, at local and regional scales. It has been designed for scientists, water managers, and agricultural decision makers who have sufficient background knowledge in climate and its drivers. FlowCast  employs discriminant analysis and stratification-based forecasting methodologies, as well as a range of hindcast-based numerical skill assessment algorithms, including LEPS (Linear Error in Probability Space), ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristics), “percent-consistent”, and significance testing techniques. Typical time-series inputs include ‘predictors’ such as sea surface temperatures anomalies or Southern Oscillation Index data, and ‘predictands’ such as rainfall, temperature, or streamflow data. The user-interface is highly graphical and interactive with both temporal and spatial analyses, and a range of custom designed user-input tools. Detailed point-based outputs can also be overlaid on to spatial outputs, which include dynamic filtering of results and kriging algorithms for contouring.

  • Target Audience FlowCast is designed for scientists, engineers and modellers who require seasonal climate forecast postprocessing for their measured or modelled data. 
  • Outputs FlowCast produces seasona forecast outputs along with skill assessment and data quality statistics.
  • Current VersionCurrent version is 4.01 BETA. This is still a prototype software