Companion - Modelling Toolkit

 Keywords: modelling, visualisation, temporal, spatial, time-series, bubble plots, contour plots, bot plots, scatter plots, decision support.

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Companion Modelling Toolkit is a new software currently being developed by DHM Software to meet the spatial and temporal visualisation requirements of modellers. A beta version with basic functionality enabled is planned to be released in July 2013.


It's functionality includes:

  • Temporal visualisation analyses allowing you to investigate and explore measured, modelled and post-processed time-series data.
  • Spatial visualisation tools including "temporal overlays", contours plots, bubble plots and spatial filtering.
  • Powerful data import mechanisms to analyse a "fingerprint" of a file structure to load temporal data files without wizards.
  • Plug-in modules to provide compatibility with commonly used models and databases.
  • Time-series post-processing features to create new time-series from analytical manipulation or spatial summarisation of existing time-series.
  • Ability to export time-series data in a wide range of model formats stored in an online database.
  • Target Audience Companion is designed for modellers, scientists and engineers who need to visualise localised and spatially based time-series data.
  • Outputs It contains a wide range of output types including time-series plots, statistical box plots, probability distributions, scatterplots, temporal gantt-plots, bubble plots, contour plots and annotated spatial overlays.
  • Current Version Current version is 0.8 Alpha. A Beta version will be released in July 2013.