Our Services

 DHM Environmental Software Engineering Pty Ltd is a software development company that specialises in developing customised decision support software applications for the management of agriculture, natural, water and environmental resources.

 Our services include:

  • Advice - Providing advice to our clients about their analysis and decision making requirements.
  • Development - Developing customised software tools that address the specific analysis and decision-making needs for our clients, including stand-alone, mobile and web-based applications.
  • Redevelopment - Rewriting client's existing software applications to remain compatible with technologies as they advance and to provide improved and innovating benefits as they become technologically possible.
  • Project Management - Software engineering project management advisory services. 


Industries We Service

 Our Company provides software solutions to government organisations, consultants and business owners operating within a variety of industries including:

  • Agriculture (irrigation, cereals, grazing, cropping, dairy etc.),
  • Environmental management (including land use management),
  • Water resources management, or
  • Other natural resource management.


Our Software Solutions for New, Customised Software Development

 We provide a variety of software solutions depending on your decision making needs. Some examples of analysis and decision making solutions we offer include:

  • Agricultural decision making (that can be used for optimising irrigated or dry land agriculture based on season, climate type and other factors)
  • Land use modelling and decision making focusing on water-balance, erosion irrigation, nitrate, phosphorus and solute
  • Rainwater storage modelling and management (including, rain-tank modelling),
  • Vector-based disease outbreak prediction, 
  • Groundwater modelling,
  • Water resource prediction and management (for example, predicting storage capacity, release and irrigation allocations), 
  • Seasonal climate forecasting and analysis through applying existing empirical forecasting algorithms (for example, discriminant analysis, stratification, regression) and skill assessment (Hindcast-based, non-parametric)
  • Irrigation management (for example, hydrodynamic simulation for performance measurement and optimisation, infiltration parameter assessment, and irrigation scheduling. 


Technology Applications We Develop Software For

  Our software applications can be designed to run: 

  • locally on users computers (client-based applications), 
  • on mobile devices (including iOS, Android, WinPhone7), or 
  • on internet-based web-servers accessed through web pages.



We offer training for existing software such as HowLeaky.