Our People



Dr David McClymont - Director & Principal Software Engineer

David is the principal software engineer at DHM. While his background is in Agricultural Engineering (B.Eng. Hons., PhD), David has over 20 years software development experience in computer languages such as C, C++, C#, Objective C, Javascript and Fortran, and markup langauges such as HTML, XML and XSLT. The key focus of his development has been in engineering decision support systems in the fields of agriculture, climate sciences, irrigation land-use analysis and water resources. He has developed software titles including HowLeaky, SCOPIC, FlowCast, Browser, CropOptimiser, FIDO and Infilt among others.


Mr Trevor Harris - Software Engineer

Trevor has 10 years of practical background in the rural industry. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Agricultural) and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary). He spent over 10 years in state government, as a Water Resource Engineer, acquiring experience in catchment hydrologic and climate modelling. Trevor also has extensive experience in software development, specialising in developing statistical analysis and optimisation software, animal production modelling, and developing irrigation decision support tools. Trevor has experience in languages such as C, C++, C#, Objective C, FORTRAN and Visual Basic.


Dr Hoda McClymont - Business Manager

Hoda's background is in business and marketing. She holds an Honours degree in a Bachelor of Business – Tourism Management and a PhD in Marketing. She has working interchangeably for local, state and federal government departments in business and marketing as well as in marketing and social science research. She has published in the fields of healthcare, consumer behaviour, education and tourism. She currently works part-time as a University Lecturer and as a Business Manager for DHM Environmental Software engineering.


Ms Deeba Master

Deeba has completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Science (first class honours) at the University of Southern Queensland. She is currently completing her Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies. Deeba has experience as a research assistant for private and public companies in the biological and social sciences and in business.